UDV authorizes Session of the Cadre of Mestres in places permitted by local authorities

| 29 May, 2020

General Headquarters, Brazil | Photo: Bento Viana.

In a meeting held on Thursday, May 27th, the Council of the General Representation of the Beneficent Spiritist Center União do Vegetal decided to initially authorize a Session of the Cadre of Mestres, in the Nucleos and at the General Headquarters, this upcoming June 6th. The objective is to make a careful assessment of the viability and the conditions of each location for a gradual and safe return of activities, in accordance with the recommended health measures.

The decision takes the current moment into account – the combat against the COVID-19 pandemic and the Center’s care for the health of its affiliates – keeping in mind the diversity of situations throughout Brazil and in the countries where the UDV is present. The Council of the General Representation emphasized that the Session can only be held in locations where there are no current legal impediments, and that it must comply with the safety and hygiene rules recommended by the authorities.

At the meeting, the Medical-Scientific Department (Demec) was also asked to prepare supplemental guidelines as well as preventative health measures to be observed within the field of the Center during this period.

“Understanding the delicateness of this moment, we chose to restart our activities with a session of the Cadre of Mestres, with optional participation, only in cities where there aren’t legal impediments, so that, with the Light of the Vegetal, the mestres can assess the local conditions for restarting Sessions with the Direction, and later with the Cadre of Associates,” explained the General Representative Mestre, Paulo Afonso Amato Condé.

On June 10th, the Council of the General Representation will meet once again to re-assess the situation and, if possible and necessary, define new measures.

“With trust in the Mestre and in the importance of the caution recommended by Him, we ask Him to guard our irmandade with health and peace so that we may overcome any difficulty and get through this moment together, stronger,” concluded Mestre Paulo Afonso.

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