Reincarnationist Doctrine

Scheduled Session at Headquarters (Brasília, Brazil, February 10th, 2015) | Photo: Bento Viana

doutrina reencarnacionista

The doctrine of the União do Vegetal is based on the existence of the spirit, which evolves throughout successive reincarnations. Mestre Gabriel, with his teachings, recognized Jesus as the Savior of humanity, “the true Man, the son of God.” The UDV transmits its teachings orally and brings, essentially, the same teachings that Jesus brought.

Being focused on spiritual evolution, the União do Vegetal teaches reincarnation. The spirit has the mission to evolve through successive incarnations in order to arrive at God and religions exist to show the path of righteousness. “The path of God is clean,” said the Mestre.

To guide the spiritual journey, the doctrine of the UDV consists  of teachings, chamadas (literally “calls”, chants), stories, and explanations.  These are connected with Divine Nature, Jesus, and others recognized by Mestre Gabriel as emissaries  of God who came to the world on a mission. Some examples include biblical characters such as Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Job, Noah, Saint Anne, John the Baptist, Saint Cosmo and Saint Damian. It also contains stories, like the Story of Hoasca and others that mention the entities Iansã and Janaína, for example. 

In the União do Vegetal the teachings are transmitted orally in sessions (SG – Brasília, Brazil) | Photo: Luiz Trazzi

During sessions of the UDV, the members ask questions, the mestres and counselors bring the teachings, words and examples of Jesus in a simple way, as Mestre Gabriel explained them.  This guidance conducts the members to improve their spiritual, moral, and intellectual virtues.