UDV publishes the video of the work of the Plantation in Hawaii

| 25 May, 2020

Today, the UDV Blog is publishing a video that shows the work of the Department of Plantation and Environment on the Island of Maui (Hawaii), in the United States. Coordinated by the Authorized Distribution of the Vegetal in Hawaii, the Plantation of Mariri and Chacrona in Hawaii has the objective to attend to the Nucleos of the 1st Region of North America (United States and Canada). Agroforestry systems are also being implemented on-site.

See the video:

At the request of the Blog, the Regional Coordinator of the Department of Memory and Communication of the 1st Region of North America, Arminio Adolfo de Pontes e Sousa Junior*, has written the text below, which tells a bit of the history of this place and also expresses his feelings about this work:

The Plantation in Hawaii

In 2011 on the island of Maui, Hawaii, M. Jeffrey and Counselor Stace Bronfman acquired a piece of land that already had existing Mariri and Chacrona growing on it, which was planted by people who got to know the Vegetal in Peru and had the inspiration to bring and cultivate these sacred plants on the lands of this island.

After the land was donated to the Beneficent Spiritist Center União do Vegetal, the creation of the Authorized Distribution of Vegetal (DAV) in Hawaii, was approved, in 2014, by Mestre Francisco Herculano, the General Representative Mestre at that time, with the support of the General Directorate and by, what was then known as, the 1st Region of the United States. Today, the DAV is located on the same site where the Plantation of the Mariri and Chacrona exists.

With the growing need to monitor and develop the Plantation, a work plan was established in the Region, where brothers and sisters from the different Núcleos and DAVs from the Region would be sent to participate in the Plantation work parties and the preparation of the area.

With the development of the work on the land, it was seen that the Vegetal could be prepared there. Therefore, in January of 2015, with the participation of members of the Direction from the Region, together with M. Edson Lodi as the Mestre of the Preparo (preparation of the Tea), the first liters of Vegetal were prepared by the União do Vegetal on U.S. soil. Also, during this time and with the presence of C. Suely Carvalho and M. Elmano Carvalho, the Plantation was inaugurated and named in honor of Mestre Florêncio, who, along with many others, lent a hand to the brothers and sisters of this Region from the beginning of the UDV’s work in the United States. In this way, the Plantation received the name “Mestre Florêncio Siqueira de Carvalho – Amor de Nós (Love of us)”.

And the works of expansion and care with the Plantation continue being monitored by C. Mauricio Hoffman, who has helped to develop agroforestry in this area.

Each year, the plantation work parties have taken place, where the brothers and sisters travel to Maui and work for a week planting, developing the forest, and taking care of our treasure.

The Plantation of Love

Our Great Mestre Gabriel found a valuable treasure in the forest. He guided and captivated us with the power of love. He comes teaching that the cultivation of this flower will bring the harvest to the sower, who later learns that the fruit he planted grows from the sweat he shed.

He captivated his disciples, giving them a value for the talent of this master. There are those that teach and captivate, but all those practicing as it says in that teaching where planting we will harvest the sweet fruit of love. And that is why our friend, the smiling man, with the strength of this teaching, harnessed the motivation of his disciples, as of children who plant smiling with the joy of a boy watching the Chacronal expanding. The land is to be sown, the Mariri to be planted for the enchantments of the treasure, because our people live smiling and singing.

The dearly missed and friendly Mestre Florencio sailing in his boat, put his disciples to motivate and plant. The Chacronal expanding with the forest, from where the masterful vine arose, which grows and flourishes in the plantation of love in the middle of the forest.

In the midst of the plantation, the brothers and sisters lend their hands to expand this treasure that leads to salvation. From the disciples, one sang: “Between the rose and the thorn, the care of the hand that reaps” (Mestre Roberto Evangelista), this is the haiku of our brother and dear friend, Ruberto who evangelized.

The treasure brings clarity to see with certainty the planting of this beauty in the kingdom of nature, the Mariri with its greatness brings the force of firmness, and the Chacrona with its finesse shows its beauty in the middle of nature, the path of royalty.

In the middle of the Pacific where the island of Maui shows its splendor, the treasure reveals itself arising the power of planting that comes from our enchanting friend. And with this energy one of them idealized and the people saw, and rejoiced and approved, revealing the name of this Plantation, “Mestre Florêncio Siqueira de Carvalho – Amor de Nós (Love of us)” and so it happened.

That is why I invite you my friend  to come appreciate with me the work that started here and with time expanded and today has blossomed.

With great joy I say what Mestre Florêncio also said: “I wish a thousand happinesses to all of you and your families.”

May you go with God and joy, with the certainty that one day your plantation will flourish and you will live in harmony.

*Arminio Adolfo de Pontes e Sousa Junior is the Regional Coordinator of the DMC in the 1st Region of North America and is a member of  the Body of Counsel of Nucleo Sagrada União (Irving, Texas-United State).

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