Mestre Bacurau: a little bird who spread his wings and flew!

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| June 6th, 2020

Mestre Bacurau when he was the Representative Mestre of Estrela Guia, Ji-Paraná | DMC/Núcleo Estrela Guia

At 77 years of age, Raimundo Ribeiro das Chagas, Mestre Bacurau, gently flew from this world. One of the first disciples of Mestre Gabriel, from the seringais (rubber tapping region) of the Amazon, he passed away at 11:42pm on June 5th, in Cacoal, Rondônia, where he was hospitalized. The burial was held in Ji-Paraná (RO), late this morning. He leaves behind children, grandchildren and a large group of friends who will miss his stories about nature and its enchantments.

Author of some chamadas that were approved by Mestre Gabriel, Mestre Bacurau is part of the União do Vegetal’s history and was currently an affiliate of Núcleo Estrela Guia, in Ji-Paraná (RO), where he had been Representative Mestre (1974–1977). In a meeting of the Council of the General Representation, his re-conduction to the Cadre of Mestres was authorized, effective as of March 27th of this year, in recognition of his participation in the UDV’s history and his contribution to the Work of the Mestre.

Words from the General Representative Mestre, Paulo Afonso Amato Condé:

– Mestre Bacurau spread his wings and flew to the spiritual plane, and with certainty encountered his Mestre, who will conduct him to the place that he merits. He left us with good memories, many stories and most principally chamadas that enchant us in the Salon of the Vegetal. His name and his chamadas show his connection with the birds, symbolizing beauty and enchantment. His daughter, Deusa, was the first to receive the news at the hospital, the nurse who told her, who did not know him, said: “He was not in pain, he died just like a little bird”. It is a sign of recognition for our brother, for his work and that he also went in Peace, comforting our hearts.

Connection with the Mestre 

An example of Mestre Bacurau’s connection with Mestre Gabriel, is when, even though he was far away from him physically, Bacurau made the chamada of Canário in an Escala Session in the Seringal. Conselheira Losa, who was present, says that she found it to be very beautiful and that she recorded it in her memory. The following week, she went to Porto Velho-RO and saw Mestre Gabriel there. She told him about the Chamada that Bacurau made and attending to the Mestre’s request, repeats the words of the Chamada. To which he responds:

– Yes. Bacurau is showing that he is walking where I am walking. I found myself with this chamada in this Saturday’s session and he (Bacurau) showed that he was walking where I was walking.

On May 1st of this year, when he turned 77, the UDV Blog paid him a beautiful and simple tribute. Read more clicking here.

Today, we bid farewell to this gentleman and ask the Divine Mestre Jesus to conduct him to one of the many abodes in the House of God. May the Holiest Virgin Mother comfort the family members and friends who will miss this dear friend.

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