Day of Goodness (Dia do Bem)

Activities on the Day of Goodness (or Day of Beneficence) bring together volunteers from the UDV throughout Brazil and abroad (Belém – PA) | Photo: DMD/SG

beneficencia na UDV

The Beneficent organizations of the União do Vegetal in Macapá (AP) and Santarém (PA) developed a one-day social welfare event in their communities, which was called the “Day of Goodness”, which included artistic performances, workshops, health advice, training opportunities and social services.

Due to the 50th anniversary of the UDV, the Day of Goodness was integrated into the commemorative calendar of the Center and, as a result of centralized organization, the Núcleos of the UDV in Brazil and abroad realized similar programs focused in their surrounding communities on the same date; March 26, 2011. The purpose was to open the doors to these communities in a festive way.

On this occasion, over 3,000 volunteers attracted nearly 40,000 attendees. About 17,000 people benefited from the nation-wide events. Since then, the Day of Goodness has become an activity-integrated by the Núcleos, which now occurs according to their own schedule.