New institutional video presents the UDV and its initiatives

Carlos Teodoro Irigaray*

| 4 Dezembro, 2023

On November 1, 1967, the first steps were taken towards the formal registration of the União do Vegetal and the election of its Directorate, initially with the name Beneficent Association União do Vegetal. In 1971, Mestre José Luiz had to rewrite the minutes of this historic moment and included, in his words, the memory of the feeling expressed by Mestre Gabriel on that occasion:

“This dream, now realized, had already been firmly in my thoughts for many years, and at this moment I am pleased to see it crowned with successes, exceeding my expectations. I take advantage of this opportunity offered to me and extend it to all the members, who united in brotherhood and firmly in thought with the same ideal, work diligently for the development of the Beneficent Association União do Vegetal, so that we can have the satisfaction of seeing the flag of our União hoisted high and waving gracefully.”

Three years later, after registering the Nucleo in Manaus, he announced to some of the disciples, what seemed to them to be seemingly only a dream, that from Manaus the UDV would circulate the world.

At the time, with just over a hundred disciples, for some, the Mestre’s words seemed like just a dream, but with effort and sacrifice, the first brothers and sisters committed themselves to fulfilling the Mestre’s words, which today have become a reality. With more than 23 thousand members, this flag of the UDV is unfurled in eleven countries. And the effort to formally register our União in some of these places continues to mobilize people linked to the various Departments of the Center to be united in this same ideal.

One of among many examples worth mentioning is in the area of Beneficence, where the registration of the European Casa da União was realized in Geneva (Switzerland) on November 1, 2023, with the name Etoile du Matin (in English: Morning Star). In Portugal, the Novo Encanto Association is undergoing restructuring to include the different European countries in its makeup, along with ecological activities. Similarly, the Center’s Legal Department has worked diligently to guarantee the right to the religious use of Hoasca in the international field.

At this time, the work of the Department of Memory and Communication (DMC-DG) stands out, which on December 2, 2023 released a new institutional video presenting the Center and some of its main initiatives. The video is available in Portuguese and in English to present the UDV in several languages, together with a new Institutional Magazine (coming soon).

Watch the video on Youtube:

On this occasion, the General Representation expresses recognition for the work of everyone who, voluntarily, continues to lend a hand so that Mestre Gabriel’s teachings and examples reach different Nations, fulfilling the Mestre’s purpose of making peace in the world.


*Carlos Teodoro Irigaray is the General Assistant Mestre of the Beneficent Spiritist Center União do Vegetal.

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