Motherhood is giving and receiving

May 8, 2022

Míriam Paranaguá Santana*

Mestre Pequenina and Nonato | Photo: Mestre Cícero**

In our lives, we all have the delicateness of this small and simple word that translates into an immensity of sublime meaning.

So very blessed is the composition of the family, the “mater/mother cell” of society, of humanity. The Latin word Mater is the root of the word Mother.

Motherhood, in each generation, at every hour and throughout the ages, is the heart of the precious nectar that nourishes, it is giving and receiving.

We revere Mother Nature, who feeds and embraces everything on this dynamic planet of water and tides.

United by the heart, we bow in contrition and thank the Divine Holy Mother, the mother of Baby Jesus and the source of inspiration for all mothers.

Mothers are love, union, light and trust in the hearts of their children.

Beloved mothers who, from birth, give prayers and life and also strengthen memories. In me lives the nobility of also being a mother, in communion with others within the force of motherhood, full of feelings, joy, hope and faith.

Long live all the mothers! Mothers who are present and those who are no longer here, as they are the ties that guard the ancestral, universal heritage.

A mother’s love is like the Sun, which fills a maternal and filial heart. It is like the Moon, which enchants, envelops, brightens and blesses. It is unconditional, simple and generous love, the fruit of spirituality expressed in familial bonds.

As a grandmother, a mother twice receives wealth and renews the tenderness, strength and light of motherhood.

Nurse, teacher and counselor by tradition, merit and mission, mothers are moved by affection, which is the impulse to always want the best for their children. She reigns over her maternal world full of struggles, tears and joy. Always lending a hand along the journey, watching over, praying and caring for the nest of her small children and the long strides of her young and adult children, whether from afar or close by.

We can feel and imagine a cosmic love, full of true harmony that does not dissolve. How lovely is the act of being a mother!

Nature…sprouting fruits, sprouting flowers!

Gratitude to the Great Mestre Gabriel, for granting us a Session of the Vegetal dedicated to Mothers within the heart of this Sacred União do Vegetal.

And in memory of the matriarch of our Religion, Mestre Pequenina, long-live Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

*Miriam Paranaguá Santana is a member of the Body of Counsel of the General Headquarters and a mother and grandmother.

**Mestre Pequenina while visiting Mamu, Bolivia in 1972, where there was a small group of UDV disciples. The person receiving her is named Nonato, who today is a disciple at Nucleo Mestre Nesclar, in Buritis (RO) | Photo: Mestre Cícero Alexandre Lopes.

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