Associates born in families of the UDV occupy positions of leadership

Hundreds of people born in families of the União do Vegetal are today Mestres and Counselors; some already occupy the place of Representative Mestre.

Jocimar Nastari*

| July 16, 2018

Brotherhood** of the then Nucleo Estrela do Norte, now General Headquarters, in Brasilia – DF. From the historical record, it is possible to notice the constant presence of children in the daily life of União do Vegetal. Many of these children who appear in the picture today hold positions of Direction at UDV, 1982 | Photo: Yuugi Makiuchi.

In its 57 years of existence (to be commemorated on July 22, 2018), the União do Vegetal has had and continues having people in positions of Leadership that arrived in the religion as adults, as children or as teenagers. With the passing of time, these people came transmitting these positions of leadership to younger associates. As a natural result of this movement, the UDV currently has hundreds of associates occupying the places of Mestres and Counselors (which constitute the Direction) that were already born into families whose parents were already members of the religion. And within this group of those that were “born in the UDV”, the Center currently has eight Representative Mestres and one Assistant Central Mestre.

Following the example of their parents and the teachings and doctrine of the creator of the União do Vegetal – Mestre Gabriel – these Mestres, and Counselors constituted families whose children already started walking the same path of spiritual development. A movement reaffirming that the family is one of the pillars on which the “União do Vegetal is planted on Earth” (this phrase in quotes is authored by Master Gabriel).

The preservation of moral and spiritual values

The following words are from the General Representative Mestre of the União do Vegetal, Paulo Afonso Amato Condé, with respect to this renewal of the UDV’s leadership:

“The União do Vegetal is a school based on the building of Peace and the preservation of spiritual morals and values, which can elevate the human being to a condition of more equilibrium and clarity in consciousness.

Our Spiritual Guide, Mestre Gabriel, prepared the first brothers and sisters who gave continuity to his work and who also knew how to prepare new Leaders who come conducting this great flock of Peace. In this way, successively, the União comes growing and being led by new people that arrive and by others, that were already born here, as we are seeing nowadays.

A work that already comes bearing fruit in building process of a better world and in a healthier society. We have said that the children and youth of today will be the future of the União. A work that enchants, that brings joy and hope for a new dawn.

A work that has been created within a family and that expands preserving, rebuilding and building new families, which is the foundation of our society.

If we want a better world we must continue to plant this seed of good in our children and young people, taking care of this treasure that is the União do Vegetal. “

Profiles and statements

In the passages below, the UDV Blog presents the profiles and personal experiences told by two female Counselors and each of the eight Representative Mestres and the one Assistant Central Mestre that were born in families of the União do Vegetal:

Isabel Gomes de Oliveira Cavalcante


Counselor Isabel Gomes de Oliveira Cavalcante, 49 years old, is married to Mestre Alex Cavalcante; they are parents of Ana Carolina de Oliveira Cavalcante, 18 years old. The three are affiliated at Núcleo Jardim Florescendo (Gainesville- Florida- USA). She is the daughter of Mestre Francisco Herculano de Oliveira and of Counselor Rita Gomes de Oliveira, both currently associates of Núcleo São Miguel (Porto Velho- RO). She has been a member of the Body of Counsel of the UDV for 14 years, and has occupied positions of responsibility in the UDV since the age of 22.

The following are words from Counselor Isabel:

“I’m the oldest of six siblings and when I was born, my parents were already associates at the first Sede (Headquarters) of the UDV, in the home of Mestre Gabriel and Mestre Pequenina. At that time, the couple’s bedroom was the place where the children stayed during the Sessions of the Vegetal. I grew up in this family environment, which instilled in me a feeling that the people of the União do Vegetal were a part of my family. Additionally, we always had visitors in our home for lunch or dinner. Today, I have the satisfaction of having an 18-year-old daughter who is part of the second generation of my family raised drinking the Tea.

When I was four or five years old, we went to live on the block where, today, the Historic Headquarters is located, and the neighbors were in large part associates of the UDV. The Headquarters was in the center of the block and the surrounding houses had access to the Temple’s land and playing there in the rain was always a lot of fun for the children. I remember that the festive dates of the UDV, like Three Kings’ Day, Mestre Gabriel’s birthday and the UDV’s birthday were celebrated with great joy; truly festive dates, where the children would get new clothes and shoes from their parents in order to go to the festive lunches. All of us would sit all dressed up at a table just for the children.

It was of great importance for me to be able to participate in the scheduled sessions at the age of 14. I felt that I was growing, getting to another phase of my life; I even got my first green shirt with no letters on the pocket, made by Counselor Dionéa Braga. Prior to this age, I participated in the sessions for children, which didn’t have any fixed schedule. I remember those sessions, especially when Mestre Janico was the General Representative Mestre, as well as the other sessions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, St. John’s, Christmas and New Year’s.

I associated at the age of nineteen; at the age of twenty I was convoked to the instructive body. The same year of my convocation, I went to live in Brasilia, and there, in the General Headquarters, I continued with the same feeling of family for the União do Vegetal. I made great friendships, with my parents’ friends as well as with the young people at that time; and I still have strong bonds with those friends I made during my youth until today. Together with them and with the support of the Direction of the 5th Region and of the General Headquarters, the first UDV youth encounters were held in 1994, in Guarapari (ES) and Brasilia, respectively. To this day I remember the words of Mestre José Mauro, who at that time was the Central Mestre of the 5th Region: “You all are the future leaders of the União, learn to always think, examine and comprehend the teachings of the União, so that you aren’t just mere repeaters. And what you think can be better, in the way it is done, develop yourselves and do it better than us.”

It brings me great joy to also see today many of my friends from that time in the Direction today and also friends that I met as children, some that I even took care of so that their parents could go to Sessions, also in the Direction today. Some even occupying high positions within the hierarchy of the UDV. People who didn’t have to go through a newcomer’s session, who already associated being familiar with the tea and the Ritual of the União. My wish is for my daughter’s generation to arrive better than mine, each time more committed with this objective of the União of working for Peace in the world, for the good of Humanity.”

Iara Simoni Silveira Feyer


Counselor Iara Simoni Silveira, 38 years old, is married to Mestre Francisco Feyer and both are associated at the General Headquarters (Brasilia-DF).  They are the parents of Maria Flor, 13 years old, and Nina, 11 years old. She is the daughter of Mestre José Mauro Fagundes da Silveira and of Counselor Paola Simoni da Silveira, both also affiliated at the General Headquarters.  She’s been in the Body of Counsel of the UDV for 12 years and among the positions she’s occupied is the General Secretary of the General Directorate of the Center in the 2015/2018 triennium.

The following are Counselor Iara’s words:

“When I was born, my parents were already associates of the União do Vegetal in Brasilia.  I was baptized at 3 months of age. Sometimes the people tell me about the moment that they arrived in the UDV.  I don’t have this memory of arriving at the UDV and have indeed a real feeling of having always belonged. My childhood was spent all across the grounds of the General Headquarters.  I know those trees like the little Cashew of the Savanna near the old well, the Avocado tree by the playground, the Rose Apple in the central plaza and that lovely Samaúma, which is so big that I haven’t been able to embrace it now for a long time.  I continue contemplating… I’m grateful to my parents for the marvelous childhood that I had.

It was natural to participate in scheduled sessions, as early as my completing 12 years of age.  In youth, I was at the first Youth Encounters of the União do Vegetal that held memorable sessions and where true friendships were born that have resisted time and distance.  I associated at 18 years, arrived in the Instructive Body at 19 and in the Body of Counsel at 26 years of age, when I was Regional Secretary of the 9th Region. I always involved myself in the work fronts of the Nucleo, participating actively in the meetings and the activities. 

In 2014, when I received a call from Mestre Wladimir Fogagnoli Ferraz (President of the General Directorate in the 2015 to 2018 triennium) inviting me to the place of General Secretary of the General Directorate, I accepted without thinking twice.  Of all that I come receiving from our Mestre, I feel the grateful duty to give my portion of contribution. In that Directorate, there were some friends who grew up in the UDV as well, and I felt at home with that group.

It’s very good to work with competent and highly committed people who already have impressed in their life’s conduct, the principles of the UDV.  Today, as I see friends of my childhood and youth occupying important places and of great responsibility in our União, I begin to understand why they always told us that we are the future of the UDV.  It’s for this that we continue working with our children and youth. The fruits of this work will be natural.

The União do Vegetal is a fertile soil for great talents to develop, fruits that will mature in benefit of all.

Here’s to our UDV!”

Carmiro Gabriel da Costa Júnior


Carmiro Gabriel da Costa Júnior, 36 years old, Representative Mestre of Nucleo Caminho do Mestre (Porto Velho -RO), is son of Mestre Carmiro Gabriel da Costa (Nucleo Caminho do Mestre) and of Counselor Maria Antônia Lima da Costa (Nucleo Caminho do Mestre).  His paternal grandparents are José Gabriel da Costa (Mestre Gabriel) and Raimunda Ferreira da Costa (Mestre Pequenina). He is married to Elaene Cristina Cardozo da Silva and father of Carmiranda (7 years) and Miguel (4 years).

He associated with the UDV on February 10th, 2000 at Nucleo Palmeiral (Guajará Mirim-RO).  He was convoked to the Instructive Body on June 23rd, 2001, when back in Porto Velho, at Nucleo Mestre Iagora.  He was convoked to the Body of Counsel on March 27th, 2007 and to the Cadre of Mestres on June 4th of 2008. Both these convocations were at Nucleo Caminho do Mestre where he is a founding associate.

Words from Mestre Carmiro Gabriel da Costa Júnior:

“Today I’m in the Representation of Nucleo Caminho do Mestre, where I now am in the second mandate, seeking to care for the flock so that they may remain clean and healthy, planting the seed of Peace and of Union, so that Light, Peace and Love may flourish in the heart of the irmandade, and that the force of our great Mestre Gabriel will be ever present in our hearts”, affirms Mestre Carmiro Junior.

Felipe Santos Braga

Felipe-BragaFelipe Santos Braga, 33 years old, is Representative Mestre of Nucleo União das Barquinhas (Porto Velho- RO).  He’s married to Rosimere Pontes Portela Braga and father of Lívia Portela Braga (3 years). The same way that his father, Mestre Rossano Braga succeeded his grandfather, Mestre Raimundo Carneiro Braga (Mestre Braga), in the Representation of Nucleo Estrela do Norte (Porto Velho-RO), Mestre Felipe Braga also received from his father the honorable responsibility of conducting the flock of Nucleo União das Barquinhas, of which he is also a founding associate.

When he would refer to the brothers and sisters who were born in the heart of the União do Vegetal, Mestre Braga would often get tears in his eyes and generally finished the oratory making the chamada of the Fortuna, of Mestre Gabriel’s authorship, highlighting the section that says: “blessed and praised be the one who in fortune was born…”

His first school was Nucleo Estrela do Norte, in Porto Velho, where he participated for almost two decades and received from Mestre Braga the doctrine and teachings of Mestre Gabriel.  He wore the associate’s shirt when he reached the permissible age, 18 years old, being convoked to the Instructive Body one year after. He received the Body of Counsel shirt on July 2011 and in March of 2013, he was convoked to the Cadre of Mestres.  On January 6th of this year, he received the representation of Nucleo União das Barquinhas.

Words from Mestre Felipe Santos Braga:

“I feel happy to be a descendent of Mestre Braga, founding associate of this sacred União, a society that he embraced, helped to create and to which he dedicated his life with all his heart.  I ask the Divine Mestre for force to give continuity to this work initiated by Mestre Gabriel, by my grandfather and by our first brothers who arrived at this house. Also, I reinforce my request of wisdom so that I can maintain firm on this path, on which we believe it possible to build a better world of light, peace and love.”

Silas Barbosa da Paixão


Silas Barbosa da Paixão, 45 years old, was born in Porto Velho-RO, and was Representative Mestre of Nucleo Mestre Gabriel (Porto Velho-RO).  Presently he is in the place of Assistant Central Mestre of the 2nd Region. He’s the son of Raimundo Pereira da Paixão (Mestre Paixão) and of Counselor Severina Barbosa da Paixão.  His parents met Mestre Gabriel well before arriving in the UDV in 1966. He’s married to Counselor Cristiane Nascimento da Silva Paixão for 23 years and has three children: Luís Gabriel (21 years), Isabela (18) and João Miguel (12 years).

He lived in São Paulo for about 12 years, the period in which Mestre Paixão was in the Representation of Nucleo Samaúma (Araçariguama-SP).  In 1990, he returned to Porto Velho and in 1991 associated at Nucleo Mestre Gabriel. He received the start of Mestre on June 23rd, 2001 at Nucleo Mestre Gabriel.  In this period, he was President of the Nucleo in 2003 and received the Representation in 2011 from his father’s hand, which was an important moment for him and for his family, remaining for 4 years in the position.  Since 2015, he lives in Manaus, where he associated at Nucleo Caupuri.

Words of Mestre Silas Barbosa da Paixão:

“The period in which I was in the representation of Nucleo Mestre Gabriel was very important in my walk, principally for what I learned and for it being a nucleo that has a great force in the UDV; a place that was the General Headquarters and today is known as the historical Headquarters.  Thanks to God, I had the support of the Cadre of Mestres, and with it we sought to do work of union and peace together with the whole irmandade.”, Mestre Silas Paixão remembers. “Today, working together with the direction and irmandade of the 2nd region, I see the importance of uniting more and more towards being truly brothers and sisters, to one another, in line with the teaching of our great spiritual guide, Mestre Gabriel.”

Saul Moraes de Carvalho


Saul Moraes de Carvalho, 44 years old, is the Representative Mestre of Núcleo Caupurí (Manaus-AM). He is the son of Mestre Florêncio Siqueira de Carvalho (Mestre Florêncio), and of Counselor Suely Moraes de Carvalho (Núcleo Caupurí- Manaus- AM). He got married in 1999 to a British-American woman, Counselor Caroline Bradshaw Eisenhower de Carvalho, with whom he has four children: Feliciano (17), Susanna (13), Angelina (8) and Melissa (6).

Saul is the sixth of Mestre Florencio’s nine children; Mestre Florencio spent time with Mestre Gabriel and took the União do Vegetal to Manaus. Saul was conceived in his mother’s womb, who regularly communed with the tea, and was born familiar with the burracheira, as well as the majority of his siblings that today are also a part of the Direction for the UDV.
He was raised among the irmandade of Núcleo Caupurí, being a participant in the first UDV baptism in Manaus, in 1982, at the old headquarters of Núcleo Caupurí.

He associated at the age of 18 and arrived to the Instructive Body in 1997, just before becoming 23 years old. Always maintaining his association at Núcleo Caupurí, he arrived to the Body of Counsel on January 6, 2000, and received the star of Mestre on April 16, 2011. He occupied the position of President in the triennium from 2015 to 2018. Today, one year after the 50th anniversary of Núcleo Caupurí, he continues working in the place of the Representative in order to give continuity to the work of the Mestre.

Words from Mestre Saul Moraes de Carvalho:

“I feel that each day, we, leaders of the União do Vegetal, have a responsibility to maintain the UDV along the course charted by our Spiritual Guide. May the principles of the UDV flourish more each day within the symbol of the União during this moment of the União do Vegetal’s expansion. This is what I wish for the irmandade of Núcleo Caupurí and for all of the nucleos of the UDV.”

Edison Luis Guedes Neves

Edison-LuisEdison Luis Guedes Neves, 37 years old, is the Representative Mestre of the General Headquarters for this triennium (2018-2020). He was born in Porto Velho, on October 16, 1980. He is the son of Assistant General Mestre Edison Saraiva Neves and of Counselor Ana Beatriz Guedes Neves (C. Béia). He is married to Júlia Antonia Menna Barreto Neves and they are the parents of Arthur (16 years old), Isabela (12 years old) and Bento Gabriel (7 years old). He graduated as a Geographer from the University of Brasilia and currently works as a business man in the Federal District.

In the União do Vegetal, in addition to the General Headquarters, he was already an associate of Núcleo Canário Verde (Brasilia-DF). He received the CDC on February 10, 2011 and arrived in the Cadre of Mestres on May 3, 2014. Within his other activities, he was responsible for the Spiritual Orientation in the nucleo at the General Headquarters during the triennium of 2012 to 2014, he carried out the role of Vice-Director of the then Department of Memory and Documentation (DMD) for the period from 2015 to 2016, and Vice-Director of Memory and Archives of the Department of Memory and Communication (DMC) in 2017. In 2017, he was also the Plantation Coordinator of The General Headquarters.

Words from Mestre Edison Luis Guedes Neves:

The União do Vegetal is an important part of my life, it is present in many of the memories I have since childhood. It is a place where I cultivated friendships that are already more than 30 years old. The General Headquarters is a place where we experience joyous moments with campouts, soccer tournaments, preparos and memorable sessions. It is also there where I met Júlia, where we formed a family and where we continue following this path. Currently, I am the Representative Mestre of The General Headquarters and I want to honor this place and contribute in some way to the expansion of this work.

Gabriel-Conde-MGRGabriel Alves Condé

Gabriel Alves Condé, 36 years old, is the Representative Mestre of Nucleo Estrela D’alva (Florianópolis-SC). He is married to Renata Angeloni Burigo and they are the parents of Manuela (4 years old) and Rafaela (10 months old). He is the son of the current General Representative Mestre, Paulo Afonso Amato Condé, and of Counselor Lea Maria Dantonino Alves Condé. He was born in Porto Velho (RO) on October 17, 1981. He was baptized on the first of November of the same year, in the General Headquarters at that time (the first baptism held in the UDV), having Mestre Manuel Severino Felix (Mestre Pernambuco) and his wife, Conselheira Guiomar as his godparents.

In the beginning of 1990, his family moved to Campo Grande (MS), and attended Núcleo Senhora Santana, where Gabriel associated on November 20, 1999. In the year 2000, he went to study in Campinas (SP), where he attended at Núcleo Alto das Cordilheiras. In 2001 and 2002, he returned to live with his parents in Brasilia and began attending at the General Headquarters. In the beginning of 2003, he moved to Florianópolis, where he currently lives, and began frequenting Núcleo Estrela D’Alva.

On April 1, 2006, he was convoked to the Instructive Body, and to the Body of Counsel on February 10, 2013. In November of the same year, out of necessity, he was elected as the vice-president of Núcleo Estrela D’alva. He received the shirt with the star of Mestre on July 2, 2014 from the hands of Mestre Paulo Afonso. He was president of the Nucleo in the triennium from 2015-2017.

Words of Mestre Gabriel Alves Condé:

“On this path of the União, one of the most significant things was the friends that I made in my adolescence, especially the youth in Campo Grande, where we organized and participated in several youth encounters, which kept me connected to the UDV. In virtue of these friendships in the UDV and of the work carried out with the youth, I believe that I was able to see the work of Mestre Gabriel of uniting the people through the Vegetal. I am grateful to the friends and the leadership that did this work.”

Frederico Lima Vargas

FredericoFrederico Lima Varga, 38 years old, is Representative Mestre of Nucleo Sagrada União (Dallas-EUA).  He is married to Clariana Condé Vargas and father of Luana Condé Vargas (3 years) and Miguel Condé Vargas (1 year).  Born in Goiânia on October 23, 1979. He’s the son of Gilson Vargas (member of the Cadre of Mestres of the Authorized Distribution in Pirenópolis) and Sandra Vargas (member of the Cadre of Mestres of the Authorized Distribution in Pirenópolis).  He was baptized in the old Nucleo Estrela do Norte (when in Brasilia-DF), in the presence of his godparents, José Mauro Silveira (Mestre who’s a member of the Counsel of General Administration) and Counselor Paola Silveira (General Headquarters).

He participated in the first sessions of Nucleo Rei Inca (Goiânia-GO) when growing up and attended until he was 16 years old.  When almost 17 years, he moved to Norwood, in the North American state of Colorado, where he lived for two years with his American parents, Mestre Daniel Tucker and Counselor Carmen Tucker.  It was at the present Nucleo San Miguel, when at 18 years of age he associated and was convoked to the Instructive Body. At 19 years of age, he moved to Dallas in the state of Texas, where he was one of the founding associates of Nucleo Sagrada União, where he was convoked to the Body of Counsel.  On the 10th of February of 2015, he was convoked to the Cadre of Mestres.

Words from Mestre Frederico Lima Vargas:

“For me, it’s a motive for joy and a great honor to be able to be learning in this place of Representative Mestre and be able to return a little bit of the many good things that I’ve already received from this Sacred Work, to which I owe all respect and consideration.  I hope to be able to find a way to merit, more and more the presence of our great Mestre Gabriel in my life and that of my family, because in him I always encountered a great friend.”

Humberto Torreão Herrera


Humberto Torreão Herrera, 40 years old, is Representative Mestre of Nucleo Serenita (Salvador-BA).  Married to Paula Caroline Gonçalves Herrera, he has 4 children: Júlia (20 years), Francisco (10 years), Emily (13 years) and Guilherme (5 years).  He’s the son of Counselor Alberto Herrera Camacho and of Counselor Antônia Torreão Herrera, both affiliated at Nucleo Serenita. His parents were founding associates of Nucleo Apuí (Salvador-BA) and also of Nucleo Serenita, and have seven children, all associates of the União do Vegetal.

He was always present for the day to day of Nucleo Serenita and for the sessions that were authorized in his childhood and youth.  He associated on November 1st, 1997, four months after he was convoked to the Instructive Body. In 2003, he was convoked to the Body of Counsel and in 2005 to the Cadre of Mestres.  He occupied the position of President of the Nucleo in the 2006 to 2008 triennium, and as Responsible in the Nucleo for the Spiritual Orientation with Children and Youth (OE) in the 2015 to 2018 triennium.

Words of Mestre Humberto Torreão:

“My eternal gratitude to my parents, Counselor Alberto and Counselor Antonia for having raised me in the União and offered me this Path to follow; an example that I follow, doing the same with my children and for all those, children, youth and adults who we have the opportunity and the duty to orient.”

Pedro Da Rós


Pedro Da Rós, 35 years old, is the Representative Mestre of Núcleo Gaspar (Brasília-DF). He also already occupied the positions of General Treasurer and Vice President of the General Directorate. He arrived in the Cadre of Mestres on November 1, 2012. He is married to Counselor Bianca Rivelli Capuccio Da Rós and is the father of Marilia (21 years old), Eduardo (5 years old) and Marcela (2 years old).

He was born into a family that was already frequenting the União do Vegetal for approximately three years. His maternal grandfather, Yolando Barbosa Castro, was the first person in the family to find out about the UDV. In 1979, Pedro’s parents, Márcio Da Rós (today, a Mestre in Núcleo Conselheiro Salomão- João Pessoa- PB) and Yolanda Neves Castro (today, a Counselor in Núcleo Gaspar) arrived at what back then was Núcleo Estrela do Norte, in Brasilia, together with Pedro’s grandfather and his family.

He associated on January 6, 2001, during the Representation of his father in Núcleo Gaspar. “For me it was a great honor to receive the shirt of the associate from the hands of my father,” affirms Mestre Pedro da Rós.

Words of Mestre Pedro Da Rós:

“I have good feelings, of continuing to work for the expansion of this Sacred Work, with the objective of helping to fulfill the Word of Mestre Gabriel, our Spiritual Guide, of bringing Peace to the World, through the Union of its people. My expectation is to continue seeing Núcleo Gaspar prospering! Having more people become a part of the irmandade**, strengthening the friendships among us, strengthening the Families, providing more moments of spirituality and learning and of working in the preparation of Leaders,” concludes Mestre Pedro da Rós.

* Jocimar Nastari is a member of the Body of Counsel of the General Headquarters (Brasília-DF) and Adjunct-director of the Department of Memory and Communication (DMC) of the General Directorate of the UDV.

**brotherhood, members of a certain Núcleo.

Translation coordinator: Isabel Cavalcante, member of the Body of Counsel of Nucleo Jardim Florescendo (Gainesville, FL – USA) | Translated by: Jonathan Spoliansky, member of the Cadre of Mestres of Núcleo Jardim Florescendo (Gainesville, FL – USA) | Adrian Van Deusen, member of the Instructive Body of Núcleo Jardim Florescendo (Gainesville, FL – USA) | Translation revision by: Alex Cavalcante, member of the Cadre of Mestres of Núcleo Jardim Florescendo (Gainesville, FL – USA)

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