The União do Vegetal in the United States Reaches 500 Members

Tai Bixby*

| August 23, 2017

In 1988 there was a session in the mountains of Colorado with a small group of people, some of whom are still UDV members today. After 29 years, including 5 years drinking water, with faith and patience, waiting for a favorable result from the courts regarding the right for religious use of the vegetal, the UDV in the United States has 500 members as of August 2017.

Currently in the First Region of the United States (soon to become the First Region of North America including Canada) there are 7 nucleos, 2 Authorized Distributions of the Vegetal and 2 plantations. Today the region has 33 mestres and 63 counselors, each one contributing their part to the work of the Mestre.

We have noticed through the years that the growth of the UDV in the United States comes slowly and with good quality. For the North American brothers and sisters to be able to arrive in the instructive body they have to learn portuguese which requires effort and takes time.   To arrive in the leadership there have to be many trips to Brazil to get to know Mariri and Chacrona in the forest, prepare Vegetal, and learn from the Mestres of the Origin and the mestres of the second generation.

With all of this, we are growing slowly and with quality, always seeking to be faithful to the laws of the Uniao, and to the teachings of our Great Mestre Gabriel. With Light, Peace and Love, the Uniao do Vegetal in North America continues to grow slowly, bringing more points of balance to Earth, and doing its part so that the Peace of the Divine Master touches the hearts of human beings who live searching for contact with the Sacred.

*Assistant Central Mestre of the 1st Region of North America.

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