UDV has associates of 60 nationalities in 11 countries

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| July 18, 2018

Ilustración: Almenbergues Jales

The Beneficent Spiritist Center União do Vegetal today has 20,636 Associates of 60 nationalities (data from the end of June 2018), in 11 countries: Brazil, United States, Canada, Peru, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Holland and Australia. The arrival of the UDV in these nations happened in a gradual manner over the União do Vegetal’s 57 years, which will be celebrated on July 22, 2018. These countries are shown on the map that opens this article.

In Brazil, the UDV has 19,763 Associates in 172 Nucleos, the General Headquarters (Brasília-DF), and in 15 Authorized Distributions of the Vegetal (DAVs), located in all of the states of the Federation and in the Federal District. In the other 10 countries there are 873 associates affiliated in ten Nucleos and eight DAV’s.

After Brazil, the United States was the first country to have the presence of the UDV, when in 1988 a Session of the Vegetal was held in Norwood, Colorado, which marked the beginning of the Center’s activities in North America. Canada is the most recent, with the inauguration of the DAV Montreal in September 2017; the first of this country.

“From Manaus, the União do Vegetal will circle the world”, affirmed Mestre José Gabriel da Costa when the União do Vegetal arrived in Manaus (AM), in 1967, the first city to have the presence of the religion after Porto Velho (RO).

Translation coordinator: Isabel Cavalcante, member of the Body of Counsel of Nucleo Jardim Florescendo (Gainesville, FL – USA) | Translated by: Adrian Van Deusen, member of the Instructive Body of Núcleo Jardim Florescendo (Gainesville, FL – USA | Revised by: Jonathan Spoliansky, member of the Cadre of Mestre of Núcleo Jardim Florescendo (Gainesville, FL – USA)

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