UDV at age 61, a recognized religion planted on the face of the Earth

| July 22, 2022

José Carlos Garcia*

Photo: Cícero Alexandre Lopes | Colorization: Marina Amaral and Tiago Hoisel.

On this July 22, 2022, when we celebrate 61 years of the União do Vegetal’s existence, we can experience the growth and recognition of our religion, which began with an idea, a well-intentioned thought by our Spiritual Guide, Mestre Gabriel, who had a greater objective of making peace in the world: a true and precious treasure that every human being can have in their life.

In a simple way, Mestre Gabriel created the União do Vegetal with his wife, Mestre Pequenina, and their children, demonstrating to all of us the value of having a family, so that life can go on with affection and love.

In a captivating way, through his firmness, the fulfillment of his word, and so many other attributes of a good man, he made his examples the key to inspiring his first disciples, who gave continuity to His work.

Today, 61 years later, we can witness the recognition of the União do Vegetal by the authorities in Brazil, with an honorable mention given to its Recreator for his countless virtues that have become eternal in time by the real force found in the practice of his teachings.

As I said when I had the opportunity to speak recently during the Formal Ceremony at the House of Representatives in honor of our religion, Mestre Gabriel proved to be a courageous man for facing so many challenges in order to plant the União do Vegetal on the face of the Earth, having overcome them all, showing us that it is also possible, with courage and determination, to be victorious in our lives.

With faithfulness to his principles, which are at the origin of the União do Vegetal, other virtues of his become clear: he was a reliable, moral, true, honest, hardworking and kind man. Capable of lovingly serving all people without expecting anything in return, consciously practicing what he taught, he is an example for us to continue developing virtues that can certainly help us to keep working for the União do Vegetal in a loving, understanding and friendly way.

I truly hope that each one of us feels privileged to belong to the União do Vegetal, to be able to know the life and history of Mestre Gabriel, a Benefactor who, with humility, has been recognized for his greatness.

My wish is for us to celebrate this July 22 with joy, and I raise my thoughts to the Great Mestre Gabriel so that the sacred symbol of the União do Vegetal – Light, Peace and Love – is always present in our lives.

*José Carlos Garcia is the General Representative Mestre of the Beneficent Spiritist Center União do Vegetal.

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