The many examples from the sublime mission of being a mother

| 14 May, 2023

Toni Spoliansky*

Mother’s Day is a day where we can unite in faith, firmness, and love to celebrate the generosity and kindness of God, who gives us this special and essential gift that we receive in our life- the treasure of having a mother.

In the highest and most spiritual sense of this day, we elevate our thoughts to our Holiest Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus and of everyone. Mary, the most loving mother, brings us care and comfort when we need it, showing the deep love that she has for us. Each day, she watches over all of us, her children, filling our hearts with her pure and fine light so that we can share it with others, principally our own children. Mary’s love is a grace that we can count on unconditionally. With the faith that she is constantly present in our lives and in our hearts, we can receive her love and transmit it to others. In this way, her love is infinite.

Within this love we receive from Mary, on this day we also give reverence to Mother Nature, who provides movement to the Earth, for all of us to benefit from- the sunrise and sunset, the phases of the moon, the stars, the cycles of the seasons, the waters, the vegetation, the animals, and the human nature of those closest to us. Experiencing the beauties of nature, especially through the eyes of our children, helps us to feel happy and find a deeper appreciation for the Divine.

Sublime Mission

The União do Vegetal is a place where I have been able to know more about Mary and find a deeper connection with Divine Nature. For this, I am grateful to Mestre Gabriel for creating this special place. I was 27 years old when I arrived to drink the Vegetal for the first time, and although I had the want to be a mother one day, I didn’t know much about Our Lady Mary and didn’t have any close friends who had children. From the moment that I encountered the União, this want transformed within me into something deeper. I started to learn more about Mary, and how she gave of herself to be the mother of Jesus, raising him in a climate of truth and humility, preparing him until he was ready to present himself to humanity. The love she has for her Divine Son, transmitted to us through Him, started to awake inside of me the love I was capable of having for the children I would one day raise.

I remember hearing the documents for the first time and my attention being called to the part that says that the Beneficent Spritist Center União do Vegetal considers motherhood and fatherhood as a sublime mission.  The selflessness of Mary’s sublime mission of being Jesus’s mother, is the example that exists for us to follow. We too can be part of this sublime mission, raising our children in peaceful and loving homes, so that slowly, we can help our Mestre fulfill His mission of bringing Peace to the world. This is why He says that this Peace will happen through our children and our children’s children.

Mestre Pequenina

I eventually came to learn about Mestre Pequenina and all that she sacrificed for all of us to be part of this União. She is a person, who for me, serves as a daily reminder that no matter what obstacles I am subject to facing, I must have the courage and the strength to overcome them and myself. If Mestre Pequenina was able to endure all that she experienced in the forest, building the Uniao and raising her children with Mestre Gabriel, and then caring for them and the irmandade after he passed away, surely I can overcome whatever I need to in my life in order to be victorious.

In the sessions, I also began to hear true teachings of having love in my heart and practicing goodness. I started to meet people, examples for me, who were putting these teachings into practice in their life. It is a place where I have found many good examples of strong, loving, and dedicated mothers. C. Maria Irigaray was one of the first mothers I met in the União do Vegetal. Soon thereafter, I met C. Danielle Garcia. When I met them, they were each raising a little boy in a way that I perceived as graceful. This called my attention. Over the years, both of these women, along with so many others, have come teaching me, by their own examples, how to set limits with love and patience, how to cultivate a trusting relationship with my own children, and what it means to be a mother.

In your names, my dear friends, I offer my love and respect to all of the mothers within our Sacred União – women that we can share with and learn from.

I am grateful to my mom, Lisa, who gave birth to me and has been present, loving me for my entire life, supporting me unconditionally as I fulfill my work, family, and spiritual responsibilities. Although she has not yet drank the Vegetal, she is giving service to Mestre Gabriel because all that she does for me in my life helps me to be able to contribute what I can to the Work of the Mestre.


I feel blessed in my life to have my two sons, Hari (12 years) and Abraham (9 years) who come giving me the opportunity to improve myself each day. Being their mother inspires me to want to be better. Sometimes life is busy with balancing work, family, and my responsibilities in the União, but I know that each of these pillars sustains the other two. In many ways, giving attention to my work and spirituality helps me learn how to be better in my place as a mother. In the same way, the lessons I learn along my journey of motherhood help me grow both professionally and spiritually. All of this, for me, is a joy!

I feel thankful for this invitation to share some words with the irmandade on this very special day. I am also thankful to my husband, Jonathan, who one day, many years ago, made the choice that he was ready to embark on this adventure of raising a family, together with me.

May our Heavenly Father and our Holiest Mother bless all the mothers of our irmandade – the mothers, the stepmothers, the godmothers, the mothers of the heart, and all the mothers to come!

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!


*Toni Spoliansky is a member of the Body of Counsel of the  Núcleo Jardim Florescendo (Hawthorne, Florida – EUA) and responsible for Spiritual Orientation for Youth and Children at Núcleo Jardim Florescendo and Secretary of the 18th Region of the UDV.


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