Mestre José Carlos Garcia is elected General Representative Mestre of the UDV

| October 24, 2020

Mestre Zé Carlos will be the next General Representative Mestre | Photo: Bento Viana.

In a Session at the General Headquarters, Brasília-DF, on October 24th, 2020, the Electoral College elected Mestre José Carlos Garcia for the position of General Representative Mestre of the Beneficent Spiritist Center União do Vegetal during the second round of voting. Mestre José Carlos Garcia received 56 votes and Mestre Raimundo Monteiro de Souza received 42 votes. During the first round of voting, Mestre José Carlos received 28 votes, Mestre Raimundo Monteiro de Souza 27 votes, Mestre José de Anchieta Torreão de Sá 18 votes, Mestre Carlos Teodoro Irigaray 14 votes and Mestre Edson Lodi Campos Soares 11 votes.

The Electoral College also elected the new General Directorate of the UDV and its Fiscal Council All those elected will take office on January 6th, 2021 for the mandate that will go until January 6th, 2024.

Mestre José Carlos, 72 years old, was born in Coroados-SP. He is married to Counselor Danielle Hounsell Silva Garcia, and they currently live in Gainesville, FL (USA). He arrived to the União do Vegetal in 1974 and has already held many positions in the UDV since then. He is currently one of the General Assistant Mestres.

Election of the General Directorate and its Fiscal Council

The Electoral College also elected the members of the General Directorate of the Beneficent Spiritist Center União do Vegetal and of its Fiscal Council for the triennium that will run from January 6th, 2021 to January 6th, 2024. See the list of those elected below:

– President: Mestre Tadeo Feijão (Núcleo Fortaleza do Mestre – Caucaia-CE)
– Vice-President responsible for the Prosperar Association: Mestre Maurício Bernis (Núcleo São João Batista – Mairiporã-SP)
– Financial Vice-President: Mestre Thiago Ribeiro (Núcleo Rei Inca – Aparecida de Goiânia-GO)
– Vice-President of the Departments and Regional Coordinators: Mestre Hugo Leite (Núcleo Flor de Maria – Maceió-AL)
– Operational Vice-President: Mestre Glycon Garcia (Núcleo Grande Ventura – Jarinu-SP)
– Vice-President of Information Technology: Mestre Magno Ramos (Núcleo Mestre Bartolomeu – Porto Velho-RO)
– Information Technology Coordinator: Counselor Eduardo Gonçalves (Núcleo Rei Hoasqueiro – Brasília-DF)
– Vice-President of International Relations: Mestre David Bronfman (Núcleo Senhora Santana – Campo Grande-MS)
– Vice-President responsible for the management of the General Headquarters: Mestre Fábio Gabriel (General Headquarters – Brasília-DF)
– General Treasurer: Mestre Daniel Silva (General Headquarters – Brasília-DF)
– Adjunct Treasurer: Alexandre Moura (Sede Geral – Brasília-DF)
– General Secretary: Counselor Iura Menão (Núcleo Rei Hoasqueiro – Brasília-DF)
– Adjunct Secretary: Counselor Paola Torres (Núcleo Flor Encantadora – Sabará-MG)
– Official Orator: Counselor Raquel Oliveira (General Headquarters –Brasília-DF)

Fiscal Council

– President: Counselor Solange Mata (Núcleo Gaspar – Brasília-DF)
– 1st Member: Counselor Victor Godinho (General Headquarters – Brasília-DF)
– 2nd Member: Counselor Samuel Silveira (General Headquarters – Brasília-DF)
– 1st Alternate: Counselor Tarcísio Bakaus (General Headquarters – Brasília-DF)
– 2nd Alternate: Counselor Darle Telles (Núcleo Sultão das Matas – Salvador-BA)
– 3rd Alternate: Ricardo Monteiro, Instructive Body (General Headquarters – Brasília-DF)

*Updated april 8, 2022

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