Conference: UDV presents works with children and youth

| October 22th 2016

Jeanny da Luz (second from L/R) presented the work of the União do Vegetal with children and youth | Sérgio Polignano.

The participation of the União do Vegetal at the 2nd World Conference of Ayahuasca, held in Rio Branco, AC, ended on the afternoon of October 21st, 2016 with an homage to Mestre Pequenina (access here) and with a presentation of the work of spiritual orientation that has taken place with children and youth within the field of the UDV.

Presently, the União do Vegetal has approximately 7,000 children and youth up to 18 years of age, according to data informed by the pedagogue Jeanny da Luz during the roundtable that addressed the theme “Children and Youth of the UDV: Planting Good Seeds for the Awakening of Spirituality”.  Of these, 3,600 participated in the activities of Spiritual Orientation. Jeanny da Luz is a member of the Body of Counsel at the General Headquarters, Brasilia, DF and highlighted that the work of spiritual orientation has as its objective, “to awaken within each person the interest in spirituality, sensitize them to the importance of spiritual living and awaken in them the interest in seeking spirituality as something important in facing life.”

Awakening feelings

The work of spiritual orientation of children and youth doesn’t use a pedagogy of formal and traditional education to work with this population.  Jeanny explained to those present that the União do Vegetal comes seeking to develop practical activities that can make feelings of neighborly love, of peace and of fraternity emerge within each individual.  In this way, the activities create a link of affinity, respect and friendship among the irmandade of the UDV, parents and children.

“One day they asked to Mestre Gabriel how to make peace reign in humanity.  He responded:  it’s through our children and the children of our children.  And it’s aligned to this thought of the Mestre that the UDV looks to value the presence of the children and youth within our irmandade”, Jeanny da Luz reminded.

Cood. of Translation: Isabel Cavalcante, member of Body of Counsel of N. Jardim Florescendo (Gainesville, FL – USA)
Translated by Adrian Van Deusen, member of the Instructive Body of Nucleo Jardim Florescendo (Gainesville, FL – USA)
Reviewed by Martin Brendecke, member of the Instructive Body of Nucleo Claridade Divina (Seattle, WA – USA)


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