February 10th of 1922: Born José Gabriel

Mestre Gabriel, A Messenger of God | Photo: Cicero Lopes

Brasília, February 10th of 2016

Dearest friends, brothers, and sisters,


Today, we remember and pay homage to the birth of the Great Mestre of this União, Mestre Gabriel.

We direct our thoughts to God, praising and giving thanks to the Creator, with feelings of gratitude for the coming of our Spiritual Guide to Earth. On this day of contemplation and recognition, all of us should, once again, reflect profoundly on the great importance of the presence of this Light in our lives.

Mestre Gabriel came to this world with the sublime mission of recreating this União and creating Union by bringing people together through the Sacred Communion of the Vegetal, thereby providing us the opportunity to experience with more intensity this perfect symbol of Light, Peace, and Love.

Our Mestre spared no effort to bring this facilitation to all of us, and we should do the same, following his example of dedication, love, and respect to this Sacred Order.

Therefore, caianinho friends, brothers, and sisters, companions in this long journey towards the Supreme Power, may we recognize the blessings of the existence of our Mestre, so that we may always have in our hearts and in our Consciousness the recognition for all that we are receiving of Light, of Peace, of Love, and Understanding in our lives.

I continue asking our Spiritual Guide that all of us may continue working for more sentiments of Fraternity, Friendship, and True Union amongst ourselves.


Clovis Cavalieri Rodrigues de Carvalho

Mestre General  Representative do CEBUDV

Note: In the English translation it was decided to preserve some words that are part of the UDV dialect in its original language, Portuguese.”

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