Religious Ritual

Núcleo Santa Fé do Cariri (Crato, Brazil) – Photo: Augusto Pessoa

Sessão na União do Vegetal

The União do Vegetal (UDV) is a religion of Brazilian origin and one of the paths for the spiritual development of the human being. In  the UDV’s religious rituals, which are known as sessions and which take place in temples of the UDV, disciples drink Hoasca Tea and arrive at a state of mental concentration, called burracheira.  In the sessions, in the effect of the Tea, UDV members study the spiritual teachings and doctrine of Mestre Gabriel, who, with his simple form of teaching, explained that he had found “a way to remove evil from people’s hearts” with the Tea.


The União do Vegetal has Light, Peace and Love as a symbol of peace and human fraternity. The UDV understands that, through communion with Hoasca Tea, the human being is given the opportunity to transform feelings and change behavior in such a way that one can re-connect to this Symbol of the União, strengthening a good social and family life.

The UDV provides this positive experience, through its orienting doctrine and its counsel to practice goodness, all of which encourages the search for spiritual evolution. In this way, the UDV provides those who attend its sessions an opportunity to improve their ethical and moral conduct, with Hoasca Tea as a vehicle for understanding the UDV’s spiritual teachings.


Mestre Gabriel created the União do Vegetal with the thought of bringing “peace to the world” – an ideal that is being fulfilled by the dedication of his disciples. The UDV preaches the practice of goodness and love for one another, as a way to promote peace among men.  The UDV affirms that when all humanity is obedient to God, police and prisons will be unnecessary, there will there be no war, for peace will be naturally and voluntarily practiced by everyone.