UDV renews its leadership for the 2021-2024 triennium

| January 8th, 2021

Mestre Zé Carlos receives the shirt of the General Representative Mestre from the hands of M. Paulo Afonso | Photo: Augusto Pessoa.

On January 6th, 2021, the Beneficent Spiritist Center União do Vegetal renewed its leadership for the 2021-2024 triennium. At the General Headquarters of the UDV, in Brasilia, office was taken by the new General Representative Mestre, José Carlos Garcia, by the new General Assistant Mestres, by the new Central Mestres of the Regions, by the President of the General Directorate (DG), Tadeo Feijão (re-elected), and by the other members of the DG, as well as by the Fiscal Council of the DG.

After occupying the place of General Representative Mestre, the highest place within the UDV hierarchy, for three years, Mestre Paulo Afonso Amato Condé, transferred the position to Mestre José Carlos Garcia in a Session. Thereafter, M. Zé Carlos gave office to the General Assistant Mestres, the Central Mestres of the Regions (see list below) and to the General Directorate. He also gave office to the Representative Mestre in the General Headquarters, Carcius Azevedo dos Santos.

In the 203 Nucleos of the União do Vegetal in Brazil and in the other places where the UDV is present, on January 6th, the Representative Mestres, the local Directorates and their Fiscal Councils also took office.


– Mestre José Luiz de Oliveira
– Mestre Mário Rodrigues Filho
– Mestre Francisco Soares de Jesus
– Mestre Paulo Afonso Amato Condé
– Mestre José Emerson de Queiroz
– Mestre Carlos Teodoro José Hugueney Irigaray


– 1st Region: Carmiro Gabriel da Costa Júnior
– 2nd Region: Emerson Nogueira de Souza
– 3rd Region: Paulo Julio Bianchin
– 4th Region: Renato de Albuquerque Arleo Barbosa
– 5th Region: Cláudio Caldas Queiroz
– 6th Region: Ezequias Araujo dos Santos
– 7th Region: Mario Marques Neto
– 8th Region: Marcelo Ucci Pinheiro
– 9th Region: João Bosco Carneiro Xavier
– 10th Region: Alexandre da Costa Góis
– 11th Region: Antonio de Pádua Paiva Vasconcelos
– 12th Region: Pedro Felix Nogueira da Silva
– 13th Region: Walter Ariano Junior
– 14th Region: Renison Marcos Aguiar Santos
– 15th Region: Eldo Rodrigues de Oliveira
– 16th Region: Maximino José Real
– 17th Region: James Castro Cameli
– 1st Region of North America: Tai Brook Bixby
– 1st Region of Europae and Oceania: Luiz Fernando Milanez


  •  President: Mestre Tadeo Feijão (Nucleo Fortaleza do Mestre – Caucaia-CE)
  • Vice-President responsible for the Prosperar Association: Mestre Maurício Bernis (Nucleo São João Batista – Mairiporã-SP)
  • Vice-President of Finance: Mestre Thiago Ribeiro (Nucleo Rei Inca – Aparecida de Goiânia-GO)
  • Vice-President of Regional Departments and Directors: Mestre Hugo Leite (Nucleo Flor de Maria – Maceió-AL)
  • Vice-President of Operations: Mestre Glycon Garcia (Nucleo Grande Ventura – Jarinu-SP)
  • Vice-President of Information Technology: Mestre Magno Ramos (Nucleo Mestre Bartolomeu – Porto Velho-RO)
  • Vice-President of International Relations: Mestre David Bronfman (Nucleo Senhora Santana – Campo Grande-MS)
  • Vice-President responsible for the Management of the General Headquarters: Mestre Fábio Gabriel (General Headquarters – Brasília-DF)
  • General Treasurer: Counselor Daniel Silva (General Headquarters – Brasília-DF)
  • Adjunct Treasurer: Alexandre Moura, Instructive Body (General Headquarters – Brasília-DF)
  • General Secretary: Counselor Iura Menão (Nucleo Rei Hoasqueiro – Brasília-DF)
  • Adjunct Secretary: Counselor Paola Torres (Nucleo Gaspar –Brasília-DF)
  • Official Orator: Counselor Raquel Oliveira (General Headquarters – Brasília-DF)


  • President: Counselor Solange Mata (Nucleo Gaspar – Brasília-DF)
  • 1st Member: Victor Godinho, Instructive Body (General Headquarters – Brasília-DF)
  • 2nd Member: Samuel Silveira, Instructive Body (General Headquarters – Brasília-DF)
  • 1st Alternate: Tarcísio Bakaus, Cadre of Associates (General Headquarters – Brasília-DF)
  • 2nd Alternate: Counselor Darle Telles (Nucleo Sultão das Matas – Salvador-BA)
  • 3rd Alternate: Ricardo Monteiro, Instructive Body (General Headquarters – Brasília-DF)


On January 7th, 2021, at the General Headquarters, the Council of the General Administration (CONAGE) met and elected the Mestres who will be part of the Council for this triennium: João Luiz Cotta Neto, Almir Jodat Nahas and Wladimir Fogagnoli Ferraz. The General Representative Mestre indicated Mestres Teodorico de Almeida Rocha and Jorge Elage to be a part of CONAGE.

In addition to the Mestres elected and those indicated, CONAGE is also composed of the General Representative Mestre and his General Assistant Mestres; the Representative Mestre in the General Headquarters, Carcius Azevedo dos Santos; the members of the Council of Recordation of the Teachings of Mestre Gabriel (Raimundo Monteiro de Souza, Roberto Souto Maior, Francisco Herculano de Oliveira, José Luiz de Oliveira and Jair Gabriel da Costa); the Central Mestres; the Mestres who have already occupied the place of General Representative Mestre (Paulo Afonso Amato Condé, Clovis Cavalieri Rodrigues de Carvalho and Luis Felipe Belmonte dos Santos); the President of the General Directorate, Tadeo Feijão; and the permanent members of the Council (Edison Saraiva Neves, Edson Lodi, José de Anchieta Torreão de Sá and Mário Rodrigues Filho).

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