UDV 55 years, message from Mestre Monteiro

Raimundo Monteiro de Souza (Mestre Monteiro)*

After health treatment, which took place in Fortaleza-CE, Mestre Gabriel is welcomed at the airport in Porto Velho-RO by the disciples dressed in uniform. This date went on the be celebrated in the UDV as the Resurrection of the Mestre, on March 27, 1971 | Photo: Francisco Herculano (Mestre Herculano)

Friends, brothers and sisters of Light.

First, I want to salute all members of the direction and disciples of the Beneficent Spiritist Center União do Vegetal for the completion of 55 years of the joyous existence of this sacred religious institution. For those of us who trust in the word of Mestre Gabriel, our spiritual guide and the author of our religion, it continues to nourish our consciousness with the hope of a better world through its spiritual meaning and social significance. As we know, the União Do Vegetal is a Christian religious path with a reincarnationist foundation, of Brazilian origin, but its doctrine is universal. The UDV teaches and conducts itself within the ethics and morality expressed in the Ten Commandments of Moses, holding Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the Savior of humanity.

Because of its doctrinal principles, thoughts and humanistic practices can never be absorbed by the UDV; in other words, the teachings of the UDV cannot be altered by the will of human beings, especially in these present times, where the wrong is made right and right is made wrong. For this reason, dear brothers and sisters, in the face of so many absurd behaviors resulting from the reversal of values of the natural order, it is up to us Brazilians to give priority to the continuity of the sublime objectives of this sacred religion, which we must follow, as defined by Mestre Gabriel.

The faithful practice in our conduct and in our duties brings more clarity and credibility to this sound doctrine, as taught by our founding Mestre, José Gabriel da Costa, Mestre Gabriel. Accordingly, the União do Vegetal comes faithfully following its objectives with respect to making world Peace possible.

The moment that the UDV came from Brazil to Santa Fe, USA, we actually initiated the work of harmonizing with people from other nations. This is only possible through the practice of the Peace we profess. In each country, in order to gain the right to deliver the sacred science of Solomon, the Light of the teachings of Jesus, and the divine word which became a Man, we need to carefully observe the limit of the freedom that is provided to us by the law of each nation.

Throughout half a century of its existence, the União do Vegetal has suffered prejudices and defamations by the Brazilian society, not out of malice, but out of ignorance. The majority of these obstacles were overcome in a prudent and consistent way.

Joyfully, on this day, as I contemplate the victorious trajectory of the Beneficent Spiritist Center União do Vegetal, with a clear conscience and a happy heart, I hope and believe that this is the sentiment of each one of you as well.

Oriental Counselor.

*Member of the Council of the Recordation of the Teachings of Mestre Gabriel.

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