On its 58th anniversary, UDV releases a new institutional video

| July 22nd, 2019

Created on July 22nd of 1961 by José Gabriel da Costa (Mestre Gabriel) in the rubber tapping regions of the Amazon rainforest, along the border between Brazil and Bolivia, the União do Vegetal is turning 58 years old today. To commemorate this date, the UDV Blog and Website are making available the new institutional video of the Beneficent Spiritst Center União do Vegetal.

This video was premiered during the 3rd International Ayahuasca Conference, held between May 31st and June 2nd of this year in the city of Girona (Spain). The video, produced by the Department of Memory and Communication (DMC) of the General Directorate, provides an ample vision, in a little over nine minutes, of what the UDV currently is.

Watch the video:

Happy July 22nd!

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