New video of the Mestres of the Origin brings Jair Gabriel da                    Costa, son of the creator of the UDV

Jair Gabriel da Costa is the interviewee of our third video in the Mestres of the Origins series, which presents the first disciples of Mestre José Gabriel da Costa, creator of the Beneficent Spiritist Center União do Vegetal.

Mestre Jair, as he’s known, is son of Mestre Gabriel and Mestre Pequenina and was present at the session when the creator of the UDV drank the Vegetal for the first time in the rubber tapping plantations of the Amazon. In this video, mestre Jair address this occurrence and tells other stories of the beginning of the UDV.

Access the videos: Depoimento Mestre Herculano Depoimento Mestre Pequenina

“I, who come accompanying this work of my father; the simple way that it began in the forest, and to be able to see the size that the União do Vegetal is today, feel accomplished, but I still know that there is much more still to accomplish”, he affirms.

Presently, Mestre Jair occupies the place of General Assistant Mestre, in direct assistance to the General Representative Mestre, Francisco Herculano de Oliveira, who is the highest authority of the Center.

Learn More: the series of videos with interviews of the mestres of the origin is an initiative whose goal is to make it possible for people to know the União do Vegetal better, by way of tales and stories of the first disciples who were at Mestre Gabriel’s side during the beginning of the UDV.

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