March 27th – The Celebration of the Mestre’s Return

| March 27th, 2024

Edson Lodi*

Disciples in uniform receiving Mestre Gabriel at the airport, Porto Velho (RO) – March 27th, 1971 | Photo: Francisco Herculano de Oliveira.

A brown-skinned man, accustomed to the heights, descends from the airplane with firm steps. He knows the direction to follow, he knows where to lead his people, his nation, his caianinhos.

Men and women of courage and faith are in uniform, awaiting the one who knows the paths of consciousness, the voice of the heart, and who fulfills another one of his words: to resurge in devotion and love in the fulfillment of his elevated mission.

Mestre Gabriel’s feet touch the ground of his North. Joy is renewed, stamped on sweaty faces with wide smiles, with sparkling gazes, vibrating in tune with their Mestre.

It is the celebration of his simple people’s reencounter with the light of hope, as he humbles himself there, with a straw hat, while the band salutes his presence with their bugles.

The Mestre has arrived! Little flags, star-spangled pennants are waved in his honor, in the hot, humid air of Porto Velho.

The Mestre arrived without, in truth, ever having left his place. And he returns with his health restored, with his gentle heart of a father, of a friend, of a Spiritual Guide.

On the way to his home, flowers are thrown on the ground in front of him. And he, the gardener of himself and of so many, collects the petals to generously offer them to everyone who merits the warmth of his doctrine, the support of his counsels.

At night, in the clarity of that day, Mestre Gabriel, who is always a friend, offers himself as a donation to his disciples. And he begins to live for his people.

So that everyone who puts themselves in the place of a disciple can always find shelter in this holy house, in this school of forgiveness, in this cradle of spiritual rebirth.

And today, fifty years after his resurrection, Mestre Gabriel, through the fluids of spirituality, reappears to us, caianinhos, renewing the eternal strength of his words – words of faith, of health, words of hope.

Let us praise him who always comes in the name of the Lord.

Edson Lodi

*Edson Lodi is General Assistant Mestre of the Beneficent Spiritist Center União do Vegetal.

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