Dionéa, connected to Mestre Gabriel through the heart

Maria Ivone de Castro Menão*

| October 22 2017

Na foto, Conselheira Dionéia e Conselheira Ivone | Foto: Arquivo Pessoal.

It may seem easy to speak about Conselheira Dionéa, to say that she was born in Rio Branco (AC), to talk about where she lived, even about the days she spent living here amongst us in Brasilia. That since very young she came accompanying Mestre Braga, whom she always wished well, and how she had her heart connected to his for almost an entire lifetime. To speak about the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren that came, and about how she came to know the Mysterious Tea and about the mirações (visions) she had upon arriving home. Now, touching the strings of her heart, although it may appear simple, doesn’t seem so easy to me.

One day, upon learning a bit more about her story, I was able to feel the exultant joy that she had for having known and spent time with our Guide, Mestre Gabriel; to learn about the understanding that she gained from hearing his words, which left her in wonder, of the way he taught her from heart to heart, from thought to thought. I also discovered her certainty that this wise man knew her heart and her thoughts, when he showed her that “Each one of us must take care of ourself, and that only His hands are able to take care of us all”. She perceived that we can hear and understand Mestre Gabriel better if we connect to him through our heart and through the voice of thought. Her merit.

She lived with simplicity, and at one time brought forth, for our own edification, a chamada that speaks about firmness and understanding. The meaning of this is that whatever degree we may be at within our spiritual pilgrimage, it is the perfect place that belongs to each one of us. Merit for whoever considers themselves a learner.

Dear sister Dionéa, I read somewhere that “nothing is worth anything if we don’t touch people’s hearts”. When I wanted to talk about your heart and find a way to get to the heart of what you hold in your precious memory, I felt how little I know you, however, although our time spent together wasn’t always so close, it made me see, upon our reencounter throughout our travels on this planet, that I have been intensely touched by your presence. My merit.

May you continue to be worthy of the blessings of our Guide, Mestre Gabriel, for all the days of your life!

*Maria Ivone de Castro Menão is a member of the Body of Counsel of Núcleo Luz do Oriente (Brasília-DF).

Click here to read the text “One of the pioneers of the UDV, Conselheira Dionéa turns 70, by Diana Braga, daughter of Conselheira Dionéia and Mestre Braga. 

Translated by Jonathan Spoliansky (member of the Body of Counsel of Núcleo Jardim Florescendo, FL-USA); Revised by Satara Bixby (member of the Body of Counsel of Núcleo Santa Fé, NM-USA)

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