Dehydration of Mariri and Chacrona may benefit Nucleos of the UDV outside of Brazil

| August 17th, 2021

Biologist Ordilena Ferreira de Miranda, a specialist in biochemistry and plant physiology, is developing a new methodology that allows for the dehydration of the Mariri and the Chacrona, which may greatly facilitate the shipment of these Sacred Plants to the Nucleos of the UDV outside of Brazil. In an interview with the UDV CIÊNCIA {UDV SCIENCE} Blog, she explains, in a manner accessible to laypersons, how her research was developed, the results that have already been obtained and the possibilities that open for the work of the Preparation of Vegetal in the Beneficent Spiritist Center União do Vegetal.

A member of Nucleo Menino Deus (Manaus – Amazonas), Ordilena explains that what inspired the initiation of her research was a mensagem (a harvest of Mariri) to the Amazon Rainforest in which she participated in the company of some members from the USA. She felt touched by the example of those people who had travelled thousands of kilometers to finally be able to participate in a Preparo. “In that moment, I perceived how much in Brazil, principally in Amazonia, we merit a goodness without equal. I thought that we should find a way to share this benefit with our brothers and sisters”, she says.

>> Read the complete interview in the Blog of UDV CIÊNCIA.

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