Course addresses the planting of Chacrona and Mariri in agroforests

Roberta Moriconi*

| January 17th, 2019

  • Photo: Lucas Dantas.

  • Ernest during explanation of activity | Photo: Lucas Dantas.

  • Ernst Götsch spoke on the cultivation of Chacrona and Mariri in Agroforestry System | Photo: Ariel Gomes.

Núcleo Flor Divina (Fortaleza, Ceará) had the satisfaction of receiving Ernst Götsch and Cimara Goulart this past December for training activities geared towards the public of all of the Núcleos of the União do Vegetal interested in improving themselves regarding the planting of Chacrona and Mariri in Agroforestry Systems (SAFs).

Ernst Gösch held a lecture on December 6th, 2018, bringing rich teachings about the principles that he has applied in his works reforesting degraded areas and the “planting” of water. Shortly thereafter, over the course of three days, he and his companion, Cimara Goulart, led the “Syntropic** Agriculture – Implantation of Systems with Chacrona and Mariri” course.

108 people participated, representing 14 states, 12 regions, and 37 núcleos of the União do Vegetal. Of note was the presence of the Vice-Director of the Department of Plantation and Environment of the General Directorate of the UDV, Mauro Carneiro Filho, articulator of this movement, together with collaborators and brother Antônio Gomide, from the Cadre of Associates of Núcleo Santa Fé do Cariri.

Practical Activities

Theoretical teachings, practical activities, and a cultural presentation were included during the course. The concepts of the principles of syntropic agriculture were exemplified by important teachings regarding life and nature. The practical activities consisted of managing two areas, and the implantation of a system was done by Ernst Götsch for the cultivation of Chacrona and Mariri in an Agroforestry System specifically for the land of Núcleo Flor Divina. The design was drafted considering the specific characteristics of the locale, and the importance and relation of each element that was chosen to create a forest with the intention of the development of the Chacrona was explained.

During the course, the participants familiarized themselves with different types of seeds and native and exotic plant starts that can be planted with the Chacrona and the Mariri and that play an important role in the formation of forests.

Beyond this, the artistic group Carroça de Mamulengos and the multi-instrumentalist Rafael Vieira (“Makiko”) put on a puppet show with a beautiful story, written especially for this moment by the artist Carlos Gomide, addressing the relation of the human being to nature, with himself, and with the other.

In the course, the presence of the monitors, Antônio Gomide, Eric Lassmann, Márcio Armando, Murilo de Lima and Pedro Faria was indispensable for the dynamic coordination of the groupwork that took place. In this way, it was possible to attend to a greater quantity of people for the event, bringing an enriching learning experience in syntropic agriculture that was applied to the plantations of Chacrona and Mariri.

*Roberta Moriconi is a member of the Body of Counsel of Núcleo Flor Divina (Fortaleza – CE)
**Note: “syntropic” refers to the positive, constructive trend towards life and order.

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