Mestre Pequenina: message from Mestre Monteiro

Foto: Yuugi Makiuchi

Brasilia, October 12, 2016.

Friends, brothers, and sisters of the União do Vegetal

Light, Peace, and Love

First, I want to transmit to all what I feel in the face of the events that culminated, days ago, in the disincarnation of the dignified lady Raimunda Ferreira da Costa, spiritually known as Mestre Pequenina – the first founding member of the Beneficent Spiritist Center União do Vegetal.

It is not a feeling of loss, because the spirit is immortal and her contribution will always be present in our memories, but it is a feeling of saudade. We had over 50 years of good coexistence. During this time, she showed no uncertainty in what she said and did in relation to the Great Work of Mestre Gabriel.

Her passing leads us to examine the path already traveled by those of us who were at the origin of this work and to it dedicated our existence.

When the Mestre disincarnated, in 1971, we went through times of distress, as it was necessary to continue the mission without the physical presence of the one who established it – and who is the Cornerstone of our religious institution. We had to continue the cultivation of the seed he planted and, that, according to his words, has been (re)established definitively.

It was not easy; the founding mestres were few, with little experience. But we carried forward with the mission, forming a second generation of mestres, currently in charge of the institution, alongside the Mestres of the Council of Recordation and others equally committed to developing their moral, intellectual, and spiritual virtues, constituting institutionally this Holy Order.

I see that the General Representation remains strong, not only in the preservation of our origins and doctrine, but also in defense of the ethical and moral principles that are its foundation.

It is within this positioning that the UDV is expanding around the world, overcoming all obstacles and challenges that appeared throughout these 55 years. It remains faithful to the Words of the Mestre, in order to serve the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Raimundo Monteiro de Souza – Mestre Monteiro

On behalf of the Council of Recordation of the Teachings of Mestre Gabriel

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