Long Love St. John!

| June 23, 2024

Flávia Wenceslau*

Wintertime renews the land, bringing abundance. Farmers celebrate the cycle of their mission: to harvest the destiny planted with their hands and feet. Under the moonlight, the bonfire and the children in the dirt yard remain affectionate and perennial in their memory of the countryside. The heart is sustained by family reunited.

In addition to the allegories that remain in many places on this date, well beyond the cultural appeal of a certain Brazilian region or state, spiritual symbolism guides the sentiments in the exactness of immutable values.

By planting we harvest, and we must till the land and persevere in waiting for the rains. The family is also a cultivation, a pillar of all life, a fire that warms and multiplies virtues. Constancy, a primary element in the germination of seeds.

No joy is alone, when, in nourishment, there is toil and fraternity. In the crackling of the bonfire, sparks and lit memories gather in the air, illuminating the present and the future. Greeting the harvest time and the greater good of planting.

Long live St. John!

“Look to the sky, my love, see how beautiful it is!”

*Flávia Wenceslau is a member of the Body of Counsel in Núcleo Apuí (Salvador, BA – 4th Region, Brazil)