DAV of Australia receives visit from General Representative Mestre

Bruno Reis*

| October 10th, 2017

Inauguration of the Temple of the DAV of Australia with the presence of the MGR, visitors, and the irmandade of Australia | Photo: Tushar Wahab

Upon seeing that the União do Vegetal would arrive in the State of Amazonas, Mestre Gabriel prophesized: “From Manaus, the União do Vegetal will circle the world”. From there, the UDV established itself in every state of Brazil, crossed national borders, and arrived in the United States, Canada, Peru, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, and most recently, here in Australia.

The history of the UDV in Australia has its beginning in 2004 when José Luiz de Oliveira, the General Representative Mestre at the time, authorized the transport of 10 liters of Vegetal to Australia.

Since then, the great ship has passed through some storms in order to reach port here. However, since the light of the Great Mestre is to shine throughout the whole world, it did not take long for a Responsible Mestre to be designated in order to take care of the flock that was starting to grow. In this way, in 2012, Mestre João Luppi received the responsibility of guiding the caianinhos in Australia and of taking care so that the teachings of the Mestre could illuminate the path of those who live here.

By the grace of God, successive victories have taken place. The irmandade became more united, the Authorized Distribution of Vegetal (DAV) of Australia was made official by the General Headquarters (Brasilia-DF), we managed to acquire our own property, inaugurating it with a visit by the Central Mestre of Europe, Luiz Alberto, and most recently, in the month of August of this year, an immense joy bloomed in the heart of those caianinhos who reside here.

Inauguration of the Temple

For the first time, since the work of the UDV began in the land of the kangaroos, the General Representative Mestre, Clovis Cavalieri Rodrigues de Carvalho, visited the DAV of Australia, which is located in Mayfield (90km from the federal capital of Canberra and close to 230km from Sydney), from August 12th to 22nd, and participated in the inauguration of our Temple on Saturday the 19th, an Escala session day of the União do Vegetal. He brought with him a message of hope and growth, of faith and trust in better times, and the certainty that the prophesy of the Mestre is coming to fruition step by step.

The visit from the General Representative Mestre meant a lot to us because the battle for recognition of our religion in this country is just getting started. His presence is the confirmation, in our hearts, of the care and attention that the União has with all of its disciples, even those that are living in one of the most distant places on the planet.

In this sense, these are the words from Mestre Clovis in expressing the meaning of his coming here to Australia: “I consider it important for the União do Vegetal and for the General Representation to know how the work is going here so that we can feel what your needs are, and in what way the General Direction of the União do Vegetal can help so that the work can develop and gain better structure, better organization, so that we can work for the regulation of the Vegetal in this country. Therefore, I feel that our visit here is a mark for this work in Australia.”

The Mestre Responsible for the DAV, João Luppi, demonstrated his gratitude and happiness: “The visit of the General Representative Mestre signified a turning point, in the sense that it came crowning a work that we have been doing with the General Direction. This work began with the visit of Central Mestres, Eduardo Pessoa (5th Region) and Salvador Pereira Junior (15th Region). Then, we had the first visit by our Central Mestre, Luiz Alberto, and now, most recently, the visit of Mestre Clovis, who brought us a friendly and welcoming word and a lot of wisdom, demonstrating a great love for our Distribution. We are immensely grateful for the support that we are receiving.”

Mestre João Luppi also pointed out that the inauguration of the Temple is the beginning of a new moment in Australia: “Time to be even more united, to build together, and to give continuity to this prophecy that Mestre Gabriel made of making peace in the world. And so, the feeling that I have is one of great joy, a desire to be able to work more each day for this work of the Mestre, so that this can be one more point of light on Earth helping humanity.”

Spending time with Mestre Clovis and his companion, Conselheira Célia, was a daily example of humility and simplicity, demonstrating in the small acts that with calmness everything works out, and that the best way for an irmandade to strengthen itself and to reach its goals is by becoming more brotherly each day, becoming more friendly with one another, walking together, and aligning with the Responsible Mestre, with the Central Mestre of the Region, and with the General Representation.

We, the irmandade from Australia, feel gratified with the presence of Mestre Clovis and Conselheira Célia here with us, having been a unique opportunity for all, which will remain engraved in our memory and in our hearts. The short time spent together with the General Representative Mestre strengthened our connection with the General Direction and solidified our sentiment, that despite the distance, we are very close to all our brothers and sisters. After all, we are just one Caianinho Nation.

*Bruno Reis is a member of the Body of Counsel of the Authorized Distribution of Vegetal of Australia.


Translated by Jonathan Spoliansky – Member of Body of Counsel of N. Jardim Florescendo – Florida – USA 
Revision by Martin Brendecke – Member of Instructive Body of N. Claridade Divina –   Seattle/WA – USA


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  1. Jorge
    Jorge says:

    Olá irmãos da UDV Austrália,

    Meu nome é Jorge e participei de algumas sessões da UDV no encanto das água sul da Bahia.
    Me encantei com a força e gostaria de saber como eu faço para frequentar aqui na Austrália.

    RESPOSTA: Jorge, entre em contato através do formulário disponível neste endereço: http://udv.org.br/contato/


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